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We carry out periodic inspections, oil changes, filters and inspection of mechanical and electrical components.

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Vehicle decarbonization

We carry out FlexiFuel treatments to remove carbon and dirt accumulated in the engine. Hydrogen cleaning to prevent clogging of vital parts of your car: EGR valve, particulate filter (DPF), catalyst…


We are in charge of the sale, assembly and balancing of tires, offering advice on their selection.

mechanical services

Quick repairs

We carry out quick repairs and maintenance: changing brake pads, batteries, lights, among others.

Sheet metal and paint

We have experts in high-quality dent, dent and paint repair.

Brakes and suspension

We carry out repairs and replacement of elements of the brake and suspension system.

mechanical services

Turbo, particulate filter, EGR, diesel and gasoline injection

We solve problems related to these components and systems.


We review and prepare vehicles to pass the mandatory technical inspection.

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Steering alignment

We adjust the wheel alignment to ensure safe driving.


pickup and delivery of vehicles

We offer a home pick-up and delivery service for the convenience of our customers.


Towing service

We have a towing service to assist and transport damaged vehicles.

Switchboards herseauto Celeste Maps


We carry out the review, repair and reprogramming of switchboards using cutting-edge Celeste Maps technology.


Repair and replacement of windshields

We carry out windshield repairs and glass replacement if necessary.

mechanical services

Air conditioning

We carry out the repair and charging of the vehicle’s air conditioning system.

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Trailer hitch installation

We take care of the installation of trailer hitches, according to current regulations.

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We offer the installation of different accessories to improve the comfort and safety of the vehicle.

mechanical services

headlight polishing

We restore transparency and shine to headlights worn by time and external agents.

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Buying and selling second-hand vehicles

At Herseauto we also have numerous used vehicles. Reviewed and with guarantee.

Why trust Herseauto?

Herseauto SL is a car workshop with a long history of 50 years in the sector. Our experience has allowed us to earn the trust of our clients over the years. We have a team of highly trained professionals who offer quality and trustworthy service.

At Herseauto SL, we care about guaranteeing the satisfaction of our customers and we provide personalized treatment for each vehicle that enters our workshop. From the first contact, we strive to listen to and understand the needs of our clients, providing them with effective solutions adapted to their requirements.

Furthermore, at Herseauto SL we have state-of-the-art equipment that allows us to perform precise diagnoses and high-quality repairs. Our machinery includes lifts, diagnostic equipment, wheel changer and balancer, ozone machine, brake tester, opacimeter and equipment for the maintenance of air conditioning systems.

At Herseauto SL, we prioritize quality, transparency and trust in our services.

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Our Testimony

At Herseauto SL, we will be happy to assist you and offer you the best solution for the maintenance and repair of your vehicle. Trust our experience and professionalism.




Mon-Sat 8:30 – 19:30

SAT 9:00 – 14:00 (By appointment only)

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